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Näe paremmin - hoida nopeammin. Sininen valo näyttää plakin paremmin ja värikoodaus maksimoi kivuttoman hoidon.

Interproximal. With its flat active part, it is particularly suitable for the interproximal spaces and supra-gingival scaling. Its anatomical shape allow fast and efficient procedure.

Subgingival. Recommended for scaling medium pockets (< 4mm). Removal of biofilm and soft deposits, while evaluating the depth of the pockets using the marks every 3mm.

Universal tip. Recommended for simple cases: gross supra-gingival scaling.

Supra and subgingival, slim tip. Developed for supraand sub-gingival scaling. Its more active lateral edges make it suitable for scaling the interproximal spaces.

High power, Voluminous calculus. Indicated for the removal of significant supra-gingival deposits. Apply the flat part to the tooth surfaces.

Removing stains. Removal of marks and stains (tobacco, tea, coffee, etc.). The tip is used by applying the rounded extremity to the surface to be treated.